**Boat one**.

Day trip fishing and snorkeling starts from 09:00 till 17:00. The first hours will be spent on fishing, so the captain and the boatman can prepare the lunch. Lunch is included in this trip as well as water, coffee and ice cubes which are free of charge. Beer and soft drinks are available on board for a reduced price.

The big boat has 2 decks, a toilet and sun cover over the whole boat.

Thai food, BBQ chicken and pork, BBQ fish what we catch.

After the lunch it’s time for swimming and snorkeling. The fish baits, squid, shrimps, fishing gear and snorkeling equipment are included. Maximum 20 people on this boat, thus a lot off space for all people on board.

Only you with your family and/or friends on this boat? Private rent this boat is possible, thus no other people on board, only you with your family and/or friends.

For more information contact us or visit our restaurant in Klong Son, Koh Chang.

All bookings must be paid in advance and there is no refund. Only refund in case of heavy wind (storm) or technical problems with the boat.

Price for sharing the boat:
1.400 THB per person (Minimum 10 persons)

The prices for this private boat:
Up to 10 people 11.500 THB
From 11 till 20 people 13.500 THB



Including BBQ on a desert island:
Up to 10 people 12.500 THB
From 11 to 20 people 14.500 THB

From this desert island “Chang Noi” it’s easy to swim to the coral reef and have a relax BBQ. It’s also a paradise for children with the shallow water.


For more pictures please visit our Facebook site. 

**Boat two**

We have a second option now for our customers. A bigger boat up to 60 people with the same quality as the smaller one. Departing from ** Salak Phet** or **Bang Bao pier**. Including fresh lunch, BBQ pork, chicken and fish, seasonal fruit, fishing lines, swimming vests and free transport from/to your hotel or resort.

With this trip we are doing *Koh Laoya* and *Koh Wai* but we are open for requests.
For booking and the price send me a message with your requirements and how many people.